Services & Pricing

Group dog walks: £12

Lunchtime walks run from 10.00am - 12.00pm. Groups are no larger than 4. Please allow up to 2 hours for collection, walk and drop off. On extra muddy days the dogs may need a rinse off, therefore although the walk is an hour, the extra time is sometimes needed.  

Each dog will be carefully placed in a group based on temperament, size, age and exercise needs. I can only accept sociable, friendly dogs into group walks. I encourage off lead walks for those who have good recall, however on lead walks are also available with limited slots. I always try to walk somewhere new each week to keep it fun for the dogs. 

Every new dog gets a free no obligation consultation, this is so both yourself and your dog can meet me properly and go through any questions you may have. They will then join walks for an initial trial period to ensure they are suitable and comfortable in the group.

Pop in Visits

Suitable for Cats, Rodents, Reptiles, Puppies or older dogs. This includes checking your pet is comfortable, exercised and mentally stimulated. Feeding and medication can be provided upon request. Depending on the animal, a short walk can also be provided. 

Puppies will benefit hugely from pop in visits. Once old enough, they can be gradually introduced to the group walks if requested. 

Please note I only cover pop in visits within a 5 mile radius of Colton.